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Young blood / old brains

Dr. Tony Wyss-Coray, Professor of Neurology and Neurological Sciences

What if you could extend your healthy life by 10 or 20 years – with a blood transfusion? Research by Stanford professor Tony Wyss-Coray shows a potential to treat Alzheimer’s and prevent age-related cognitive decline. He’s discovered that proteins found in the blood of young mice can dramatically reverse the effects of aging when transfused into older mice. Doing the same thing in humans could increase our quality of life as we age, and our life expectancy as well. We’re years away from seeing any clinical applications of this research, which gives us time to ask about its implications. Who will have access to this treatment? Who are the donors providing young blood? We could add years to our lives – but is that what we really want?


“What we discovered in humans is, the composition of the blood changes dramatically between young people and old people.”

— Dr. Tony Wyss-Coray