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About Should This Exist?

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It’s the question of our times:

How is technology impacting our humanity? With host Caterina Fake, Should This Exist? is a show that looks at a technology and asks: What is its greatest potential? And what could possibly go wrong?

Our boldest new technologies can help us flourish as human beings … or destroy the very thing that makes us human.

the Host

Caterina Fake is the General Partner of Yes VC, a pre-seed and seed stage fund investing in the U.S. and Europe. Yes VC invests in scalable social systems, brands that embody cultural movements, and founders who recognize the opportunity in the rising power and affluence of women. Caterina sits on the boards of Public Goods, the Sundance Institute, and McSweeneys. Previously, she worked at Founder Collective as a Founder Partner, served as chairman of Etsy, and was the co-founder of Flickr.

Caterina is an early creator of online communities and a long time advocate of the responsibility of entrepreneurs for the outcomes of their technologies. Caterina’s interests include the cultural impact of new technologies, human interactions online, design, good governance, innovation and creativity – and how we can all make the internet a kinder, more human place.

Caterina has received Honorary Doctorates from the Rhode Island School of Design and The New School. Time Magazine named her one of the most influential people in the world, and she was given the Silicon Valley Visionaries award in 2018.

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The Team
the Show
Executive Producer
June Cohen
Mary Beth Kirchner
Supervising Producer
Jai Punjabi
Technical Director
Robin Wise
Assistant Producer
Danielle Roth
Consulting Editor
Catherine Winter
Script Writer
Alex Berg
Recording Engineer
Ben Hicks/Disher Sound
Episode Producers
Amy Standen, Jeff Tyler, Alice Winkler
Music And Sound Design
Mark Phillips
Mastering Engineer
Bryan Pugh
Special Thanks
Deron Triff, Emily Mcmanus, Anna Pizzino, Sarah Sandman, Cristina Gonzalez, Katie Clark Gray, Adam Hiner, Chaurley Meneses