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The next gen of meat will be grown in a lab

Isha Datar, Biotechnologist

Imagine biting into a steak that didn’t come from a cow. Or a chicken breast that did not come from a chicken. Imagine if your favorite meat dish did not involve an animal getting killed. This is Isha Datar’s dream. She is a scientist on a mission to not only reinvent meat but the entire meat industry. If Isha’s dream comes true, we’ll live in a post-animal bioeconomy where animal products – from meat to leather and wool – are harvested from cell cultures, not animals. And we’re able to feed a growing global population sustainably, affordably and safely. But does meat grown in a lab really take animals out of the picture? And do we want to step further into a landscape of man-made, mass-produced food?


“We actually have the opportunity to create an ideal cut of meat that does not necessarily come from an animal. That’s a completely new paradigm for food.”

— Isha Datar